Seed Facility Inaugurated in Jimma

18 February 2021, Debre Tabor – Ethiopian ATA supported Jimma Union Seed Facility in Jimma Town of the Oromia Regional State has been inaugurated. The inauguration ceremony was attended by H.E Dr Girma Amente, Vice president of the Oromia Region, Jimma Zone Adminstrator Ato Abdulhakim Mulu  Dr. Yifru Tafesse Deputy CEO of the ATA, Dawit … Continued

የአንድ መስኮት የግብርና ግብዓት አቅርቦትና አገልግሎት ፕሮጀክት ላይ ከአጋር ድርጅቶች ጋር የንግድ ስራ ምክክር አውደ ጥናት ተደረገ

የኢትዮጵያ ግብርና ትራንስፎርሜሽን ኤጀንሲ ከግብርና ሚኒሰቴር እና ከሌሎች አጋር ድርጅቶች ጋር በመቀናጀት ከ175 በላይ የሚሆኑ የግብርና ግብዓት አቅርቦትና አገልግሎት ማዕከላትን በ4 ክልሎች ((በኦሮሚያ፣ አማራ፣ ደቡብ.ብ.ብ.ህ እና ትግራይ) በማቋቋምና በማስፋፋት አርሶ አደሮች አቅርቦት በአንድ መስኮት ከባለሙያ አገልግሎት ጋር እንዲያገኙ ከፍተኛ ጥረት በማድረግ ላይ ነው፡፡ የግብርና ግብዓት የግብርና ምርትና ምርታማነትን በከፍተኛ ለማሳደግ ወሳኝ ሚና እንደሚጫወት የታወቀ ነዉ፡፡ … Continued

ATA Briefs Progress to Development Partners

4 January 2019, Addis Ababa – ATA hosted mid-year performance evaluation meeting for development partners. Primary donors drawn from UNDP, EU, AGRA, BMGF, USAID, and OCP have attained the meeting. The briefing explained the performance made in four mandated areas namely, project exclusion, implementation support, analytical studies, and linkage and coordination to partners. Mr. Khalid … Continued

MoAL awarded ATA a certificate

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has awarded a certificate of appreciation to ATA for its contribution in the development of the National Soil Health and Fertility Strategy. ATA was involved in the development of the National Soil Health and Fertility Strategy right from problem analysis to the final document preparation and endorsement.  ATA developed the new strategy in 2012, … Continued