MSMEs group networking and experience sharing workshop.

AgriHub has organized and conducted group networking and experience sharing workshop for 74 AOSS owners on January 11 and 12, 2021 at Adama town. In this workshop Modjo AOSS, Adet AOSS, and Buee AOSS have shared their experiences and learnings gained as of the time of their establishment; the AOSS owners have discussed and identified their common issues and challenges to be taken into their stakeholders and business partners attention and intervention.


MSMEs consultation workshop

AgriHub has organized and conducted AOSS owners, stakeholders, and business partners consultation workshop on March 22 and 23, 2021 at Adama town, focusing on addressing AOSS business common problems and challenges. On this workshop 68 AOSS owners, 9 Federal and Regional stakeholders’, 8 business partners (importing companies) have participated. The consultation was focused on comprehending the opportunities and prospect, challenges and solutions, major policy issues and the role of AOSS stakeholders and partners to support the AOSS business going forward. Finally, participants had a visit to Modjo AOSS to share learnings and experiences with each other.


MSMEs business skill development training

Based on the business skill gap assessment findings identified with the AOSS, DIM, CBSP, MSC and Horticulture Seedling Growers Associations, AgriHub has delivered level 1 and level 2 role specific business skill development trainings to the owners and staff of the MSMEs operating in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray regions from February 23 – May 21, 2021, in 6 rounds, collaborating with Devoted Consulting PLC.

The business skill development training has been delivered to 224 ATA supported MSMEs selected from Agricultural One Stop Shops (AOSS), Direct Input Marketers (DIM), Cooperative-Based Seed Producers (CBSP), Mechanization Service Centers (MSC) and Horticulture Seedling Growers’ Associations operating in Oromia, Amhara, SNNP and Tigray regions.

The training was provided to 1057 owners and staffs of the MSMEs like General Managers, Planning heads, Marketing heads, Accountants, Cashiers, Dispensers, Veterinary Advisors, and Agronomy Advisors.

The major training topics include Business Organization and Management; Marketing Strategies and Value Chain Management; and Accounting and Financial Management with several subtopics.