Performance Management of the Transformation Agenda in GTP II

Performance monitoring and management of Transformation Agenda deliverables during GTP II will build on systems and processes established during GTP I. Robust weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and evidence based status tracking at the activity and output levels will provide strong forward visibility to proactively identify and remedy issues. These reports will often require data collection from local and federal level administrative bodies.

Weekly and monthly reporting will be done through a custom, web based activity
and milestone tracking system piloted during GTP I. Senior management at the ATA and MoA will meet on a weekly basis to problem solve, supported by internal meetings in each organization between senior management and program directors. Dedicated monthly meetings for each program are scheduled with senior stakeholders, deliverable owners and supporting partners to review progress and address any issues in the constituent deliverables.

Performance Managemen-02

Detailed reporting on each deliverable
will also be discussed at the Transformation Council level with the Prime Minister, Ministers, Regional Presidents, and the accountable State Minister on a bi-monthly/quarterly basis. Finally, annual reporting on the Transformation Agenda based on yearly deliverable targets will be produced to allow comprehensive review by all stakeholders.

In addition to robust monitoring at the activity and output levels, outcome and impact level results will also be assessed for all deliverables and programs over appropriate time periods. However, given the systemic nature of many Transformation Agenda deliverables, attribution at an impact or even outcome level is often very difficult to establish quantitatively or conclusively.

A key role of the ATA and the Agricultural Transformation Agenda is to pilot new approaches and innovations that are expected to catalyze change. Such innovations will be rigorously evaluated to generate evidence of lessons and best practices for scale-up.

For geographically focused deliverables implemented largely through the ACC Initiative, traditional approaches to assess and evaluate impact will be applied fully.

Finally, it must be recognized that the deliverables in the Transformation Agenda are designed as a mechanism to address systemic issues constraining the achievement of the GoE’s goals in GTP II. As such, Transformation Agenda deliverables should ultimately be seen as contributors to the higher level outcome and impact targets identified for the agriculture sector in the GTP II.

GTP II Transformation Agenda Results Framework