The Livestock Projects area is directly implementing one project that are focused on rapidly addressing systemic issues related to the livestock sector.

Apiculture Value Chain Development:

Ethiopia is Africa’s largest producer of honey and tenth in the world, with more than five million bee colonies. This sector offers three main business opportunities in Ethiopia: 1) growing demand in the domestic and export markets provides expanded production and processing opportunities; 2) niche market buyers are willing to pay higher prices for improved quality and differentiated products; and 3) scaling up is possible for organized women and youth groups and entrepreneurs engaged in honey production and marketing. In line with this, the project has the vision to increase the volume of quality honey and honey by-products for the domestic and export markets through supporting smallholder farmers in 18 target woredas.

Key Targets by end of GTPII:

  • 100 federal, regional and Woreda experts; 480 DAs, and 7, 000 beekeepers receive good beekeeping management practices, postharvest handling, and colony multiplication skills
  • Average honey yield increased from 17 kg/ hive to 25 kg/ in 18 target woredas
  • At least 6,000 quintals of honey produced by participating farmers in target woredas of which at least 5,500 quintal, generating at least 70 million ETB is linked to aggregators and exporters using a contract farming approach.