Why is transformation needed in this program area?

Implementing the key agricultural productivity, commercialization, sustainability and inclusiveness needs of GTP II requires strong organizational systems, as well as the necessary individual abilities required for effective coordination, alignment and delivery of agendas from federal to woreda levels. As such, building organizational and human resources capacity is a fundamental part of successfully meeting the GTP II targets.

What are the objectives and focus areas of this program area during GTP II?

The key objective of the Organizational & Human Resources Capacity program during GTP II is to strengthen the institutional linkages between key federal and regional level organizations critical to agricultural transformation. More specifically, it is envisaged that the program area will focus on strengthening linkages within the agricultural extension and education systems, the agricultural research system, the cooperatives system, and within the planning, monitoring and evaluation system.

This program area will be further developed and implemented as part of ongoing stakeholder consultations with key government, development and implementation partners.