A Career with ATA’s Analytics Team

860A8376 copyA career with ATA’s Analytics Team is is extremely fast-paced and varied, and often quite challenging but also very rewarding. As an important part of of the team from your first day, you will have the chance to gain diverse project experience learning to apply top analytical and consulting approaches, and to drive change at a national scale and impact millions of farmers. You will work with extraordinary Ethiopian and international colleagues, learn from top experts from around the country and the world, and interact with senior leaders at a range of government, private and development sector organizations. You will also receive highly competitive compensation, best-in-class training and professional development opportunities, and regular feedback and coaching based on your individual development goals and needs.

Analytics career path

At the same time, you will be expected to consistently drive your own work and produce high-quality output, and quickly take on more responsibilities and more challenging assignments. You will therefore need to muster your intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills everyday, and be able to articulately communicate complex ideas to your team members, and junior and senior stakeholders.If you perform well, you can progress to increasingly senior roles through our accelerated career path, all the way up to Senior Director of the team, who reports to ATA’s CEO. At a minimum, you will develop a unique and highly-demanded set of skills and experience that will serve as a major asset throughout your career.

Roles, Recruitment & Professional Development

Analyst / Senior Analyst

Most team members join Analytics as new graduates, in the Analyst role. After an intense three weeks of onboarding training, and an initial project experience in which Analysts work within a project team to understand the project and team process, new Analysts are staffed to a wide range of projects involving different types of analysis, operational activities, and stakeholder engagement. Projects often involve frequent exposure and interaction with senior leadership at ATA and partner organizations even at the Analyst level. Analysts also receive intensive training for their first one and half to two years, and can participate in rotations with other teams at ATA and with international partners.

Intensive training and development program for new analysts

Analysts are recruited through an extremely competitive university recruiting program focused on the top talent in Ethiopia. Each year we recruit both on-campus at select universities as well as through our website. Recent recruits have come from various backgrounds including business, economics, policy analysis, engineering, agriculture, development, management, political science, law, and other fields. This broad mix of backgrounds allows the team to bring diverse perspectives and skillsets to bear when working closely with clients and stakeholders across the agriculture sector.

After approximately two years, high-performing Analysts can progress to the Senior Analyst role, where they take on more substantial and challenging work areas within projects, develop relationships with external stakeholders at a more senior level, and in some instances start overseeing the work of junior team members. Senior Analysts that are able to show consistent strong performance across projects are encouraged to take off one or two years to underake graduate study with financial support from ATA, before returning to the organization in the Associate role. Some of the universities where Senior Analysts have gone to pursue graduate studies include Columbia University (US), Tufts University (US), Bradford University (UK) and Vanderbilt University (US).

Alternatively, a Senior Analyst can also progress directly to the Associate role by successfully delivering in his or her projects for an additional year with the Analytics Team. ATA is also supportive of Senior Analysts who may decide to leave the organization and pursue opportunties in other organizations and sectors to continue to driving impact. In the past, Senior Analysts have moved on to roles in Ethiopia and internationally at organizations like General Electric, Unilever, Diageo, and the African Governance Initiative supporting the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office.


Associate / International Consultant

Client engagements are led and managed by Associates, with support from more senior members of the team. Associates are accountable for all aspects of project delivery, including everything from understanding the client’s issues and determining what kind of support the Analytics team is best placed to offer, identifying the level and type of staff required, structuring the project and individual work streams, managing client relationships and the team’s activities on a day-to-day basis, coaching and providing feedback to team members to ensure high-quality output as well as rapid staff development, and effectively escalating any major issues to senior management, to delivering the final output to client and following up with them to support implementation of recommendations.The Associate role therefore provides an excellent opportunity for high-performing staff to quickly take on a client, project and people management role. To support them in this role, Associates also receive regular training as well as coaching and feedback from the team leadership.

860A8378 copyIn addition to internal promotions and local recruiting of Associates, the Analytics team also hires a limited number of International Consultants (ICs). ICs join ATA with two and half or more years of international work experience in strategy consulting, comparable to the experience local staff gain as Analyst and Senior Analysts. Like Associates, ICs lead and manage client engagements, and support Analysts and Senior Analysts to develop their skills and take on increasing seniority and responsibilities on a highly accelerated timeline. This is therefore a very unique opportunity for young, high-performing international staff to step up and lead challenging projects in a developing country government environment.

ICs who have worked in Analytics in the past have either returned to their previous firms to move into the engagement manager role, started entrepreneurial ventures, joined other organizations in the private or development sectors, or attended MBA, public policy, law and PHD programs at Harvard University (US), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US), Yale University (US), Stanford University (US), University of Chicago (US), University of Pennsylvania (US), Oxford University (UK), Cambridge University (UK), INSEAD (France / Singapore), and other schools.


Senior Associate / Senior International Consultant

Senior Associates and Senior International Consultants play a critical role in the Analytics team, overseeing three to five client engagements at a time. They work closely with Associates / International Consultants who are leading and managing these engagements, providing thought partnership, guidance and support on client, project and team management, as well as analytical approaches, content development and quality control of outputs. They also manage more senior client and stakeholder relationships, and occasionally may lead high-priority projects themselves, working directly with Analysts and Senior Analysts to deliver for clients.

In addition, Senior Associates and Senior International Consultants support the Senior Director of Analytics to drive the growth and development of the team, through taking on strategic initiatives, leading recruiting, professional development and training activities, and inputting on project prioritization, staffing and other key decisions. Strong experience leading and delivering high-impact, analytically challenging projects for senior clients either at ATA or at global strategy consulting firms is therefore an important prerequisite for candidates applying for these roles.

What We Are Looking For

Across all the roles described above, we are looking for individuals who are highly motivated, energetic, committed and passionate about making a difference in the lives of Ethiopian smallholder farmers, their families and communities, and the broader country. Candidates should also have excellent critical thinking and analytical skills, a strong record of performance and achievement in their previous endeavors and organizations, and a clear desire and humility to continue to learn and rapidly develop.

To succeed in our high-performance and team-oriented culture, candidates should also have a strongly collaborative mindset, a team player attitude, and an interest and experience in working in a highly multicultural environment. We frequently hold team events to support team members to get to know each other outside the office and develop real camaraderie and team spirit that also helps them to be more effective in client work.

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Finally, we expect candidates to perform up to expectations once in the organization, and, in the case of Ethiopian applicants, to stay with ATA for at least two years (we expect at least one year for international applicants), and ideally much longer. In exceptional cases we will consider applicants who would like to join for a shorter period than outlined.

Apply Now!

We are currently recruiting for the following positions. Please see the position summary, duties, and qualifications at each link below, and follow the instructions provided to apply. Our application process includes a written exam, consulting-style case interviews, as well as behavioral interviews.

Senior International Consultant, Analytics Team – Apply here

International Consultant, Analytics Team – Apply here