The ICT for Agricultural Services Projects area is directly implementing two projects that are focused on rapidly addressing systemic issues related to information and communication technologies in agriculture sector.

8028 Farmer Hotline (IVR/SMS):

The objective of the Interactive Voice Response / Short Message Service (IVR/SMS) project is to provide agronomic best practices to smallholder farmers via mobile and landline phones. The project aims to streamline smallholders’ and extension workers’ access to information for sustainable agricultural growth and tailor extension services to different types of situations and communities to make the extension service more market-oriented and context-specific.

Key Targets by end of GTPII:

  • Register at least 6 million callers
  • Expand IVR helpdesk to at least 120 ACC woredas
  • Expand IVR survey to nationwide
  • At least 50 million calls received, of which 20% are from users who have called the system at least three times and 25% from users who have called the system at least two times.

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Agricultural Investment Mapping

The objective of this project is to assist a wide range of stakeholders map agriculture and livestock investment activities at a spatially disaggregated level in order to improve investment planning, harmonization, alignment and collaboration. The ETH-AIM tool aims to strengthen strategic decision-making capacity for policy makers and development partners by leveraging the web-tool to provide visualization and analysis of investment.

Key Targets by end of GTPII:

  • Capture and geospatially visualize 80%+ of agriculture investment data through ETH-AIM tool
  • Full implementation of the AIM platform in at least 50 woredas (contingent on final level of financial resources mobilized)
  • Train federal, regional, and DP stakeholders on how to utilize and input information into the ETH-AIM tool.