30 November 2010, Addis Ababa – Ato Umer Hussien, Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture, commended the ATA, among others, for its effort in enhancing the apiculture value chain during the official opening ceremony of the APIMODA Symposium 2018 here in Addis Ababa.

The Symposium that brought together hundreds of people working in the apiculture is a five days event that has both a symposium and an exhibition.
According to the Minister, Better-managed beekeeping will not only benefits the country through honey and beeswax but also increases food production through bees’ role in pollination, the minister noted. “The government will provide all the necessary policy guidance to create an enabling environment to ensure the apiculture sector to unleash its unique development potential in this country,” Ato Umer noted.

Khalid Bomba, CEO of Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), oh his part, highlighted that Ethiopia different agro-ecologies and rich botanical diversities make the country one of the most favorable habitats for beekeeping, which has been practiced for centuries.

“Ethiopia is blessed with such a huge potential and opportunities to commercialize and transform the lives of millions of smallholder beekeeping farmers in the sector,” said Khalid. “Commercializing and transforming the apiculture sector, besides its economic contribution, will play a role to food security, employment generation as well as biodiversity and environmental protection” he added.

It is to be recalled that Of the 25 projects ATA manages currently, one is Apiculture. It runs in strong collaboration with various partners (government offices, NGOs, Research centers, Private Sector, Crops, unions, etc.) in a bid to sustainably increase the production, productivity and income of smallholder farmers by transforming the agriculture sector into a commercially oriented system in innovative, evidence-based, focused, collaborative and impact-driven fashion.

Currently, about two million beekeepers are engaged in smallholding beekeeping activities in Ethiopia.

The symposium with the theme “the role of bees in food production” is opened for three days. Beekeepers, scientists, researchers, and all concerned development partners have attended the event. Different products and byproducts of apiculture are also put in the symposium for shows and sales. The APIMONDA symposium is the 2ndto take place on African soil since its establishment 120 years ago.

Ethiopia is currently bidding to hosting the APIMONDA congress 2023. “There is no better city than Addis Ababa that old and new exist in harmony to hosting such important congress like APIMONDIA 2023” the minister noted that Ethiopia has all the capacity and whatever it takes to successfully hosting the Congress and its participants.

APIMONDA is an international body that brings together scientists, beekeepers, activists, traders, and others working in the apiculture across the globe. This is the 2nd time that APIMONDIA symposium took place on African Soil.