ATA’s Strategic Advisory & Consulting Function

Government capabilities for transformation
Government capabilities for transformation

As ATA’s strategic advisory and consulting function, the Analytics Team works with other ATA teams and senior leadership at partner organizations to bring together the strategic, analytical, technical and operational capabilities required to achieve agricultural transformation. The team engages effectively in these diverse areas by applying an approach similar to top global strategy consulting firms and government strategy units in a number of countries, bringing the same level of analytical rigor, speed and insight to ATA’s work.

The Analytics Team engages with partners through a client-service and project-based model, to execute high-impact and analytically challenging cases with a strong focus on sustainable impact. The team provides strategic thought-partnership to clients, undertakes data-driven analysis and develops evidence-based recommendations. The core strength of the team is applying analytical problem-solving to identify innovative but pragmatic solutions and effectively support senior decision-making. Best-in-class project planning and management is also emphasized to ensure timely delivery of high-quality outputs to clients.

A Focus on High-impact & Analytically Challenging Projects

Clients – typically managers at Director level and above from ATA, government ministries and agencies, and development partners – engage the Analytics Team for support on cases in five main thematic areas.

A case team of typically three to five team members is assigned to work closely together with client staff on each case and engage Ethiopian and international experts to develop strategic and transformative solutions.

Each case team starts by developing an initial set of leading hypotheses and then rigorously tests and refines these over the course of the project by applying analytical approaches and frameworks. These approaches might include strategy development, institutional and process mapping, market sizing, international benchmarking, scenario-based planning, economic and financial modeling, customer segmentation, cost structure and pricing analysis, value chain analysis, program budgeting, or supply chain optimization. Case teams also often develop novel analytical frameworks based on the unique context and needs of each project.

Five steps of strategy development

Cases are typically executed in short timelines to meet urgent client needs, lasting a few weeks to a few months. The main output of a case could be a presentation to drive decision-making at an important senior-level meeting, a final report with specific recommendations validated through extensive stakeholder workshops, a policy note for senior policy makers to introduce a major policy change, a program design and plan for testing an innovate idea, an investment case for distributing to potential investors, or even successful delivery of a one year pilot project implemented on-the ground together with partners in several regions.

Stochastic and network optimization analysis for a recent project

Building Capacity Within & Outside of ATA

In addition to executing cases with clients, the Analytics team also focuses on strengthening capacity within ATA and externally. This includes managing internal training and professional development programs, designing and delivering capacity-building support to key partners, and coordinating and providing quality control of analytical studies or consulting projects commissioned to external service providers.

Today, the Analytics Team comprises more than 35 staff and represents a highly unique capability for the ATA and the government in the agriculture sector. The team’s work is expected to contribute significantly to successful achievement of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda, at the same time as building significant new capacity within the sector through our work with clients and through developing young talent from throughout the country into future leaders of public and private sector organizations.

Joining the Analytics Team

Whether you are a current university student or a recent graduate, or have strategy and management consulting experience in Ethiopia or internationally, please visit our Careers page to explore how you can take the next step in your career with ATA’s Analytics Team!

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