Dear Alumni,

The Relationships and Networks theme in Analytics aims to strengthen the relationships with and between alumni and build a network of professionals that can leverage their relationships throughout their personal and professional journeys. To that effect, we have three main initiatives: social media engagements, virtual/in-person events, and regular newsletters.

For social media engagement with alumni, the theme has launched groups on two platforms: the Alumni LinkedIn Group created to serve as a professional hub and the Alumni WhatsApp Group created to serve as a social/communal hub for more informal engagements.

In addition to the social media platforms, in-person and virtual social events for regular catch-ups and content sharing will be organized by the theme. Cognizant of COVID-19, socially distanced events where alumni can gather and mingle will be planned with the necessary precautions. We will also be hosting virtual social events where we can catch up with our members across the globe. To initiate interesting dialogue, we plan to prepare content-sharing webinars where we can hear about what you are doing and share interesting cases and finds in the sector as well.

Finally, as a new initiative, the Relationships and Networks theme will be sharing regular “Analytics Newsletter”. The newsletter will feature Analytics case-related articles, broader ATA news, highlights from the different endeavors of our alumni, and upcoming events and activities. Through this newsletter, we aim to provide our alumni visibility over the undertakings of the Analytics team and broader alumni network to ensures mutually beneficial relationships.

We hope to keep in touch with you through these initiatives. Please let us know if you have any feedback and suggestions or if you wish to take an active role in building this network.

We are very keen for our alumni to speak to the team about their careers post analytics either virtually or in person so please reach out to us if you wish to do so. Also, reach out to us if you have a piece you would like to share in upcoming newsletter issues. You can contact us through or use our social media hubs.


Thank you for being a part of our ever-growing network!


Relationships and Networks Theme



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