The ATA is governed by the Agricultural Transformation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister. The Council sets the strategic direction of the ATA and provides oversight of all of the organization’s activities, involving other parties to facilitate decision-making as required.

In general, the Council has the power and duty to:

  • Provide leadership in identifying and designing solutions to the basic barriers of agricultural development
  • Advise on policy directions and leadership to ensure effective coordination among various agricultural development actors
  • Approve the ATA’s plans, evaluate its performance, and provide direction as deemed necessary
  • Establish various committees when needed

The Agricultural Transformation Council also includes two levels of governance. The first is an Executive Committee of the Council that provides high-level operational and strategic guidance to the ATA. This Executive Committee is chaired by the Prime Minister and includes the Minister of Agriculture and the CEO of the ATA as the Secretary. The second level of governance in the Agricultural Transformation Council includes other partners at the federal and regional levels who provide input and guidance on the Transformation Agenda.


Council Members

The Transformation Council is comprised of the following members:

  1. His Excellency Ato Hailemariam Dessalegn – Prime Minister and Chairman of the Agricultural Transformation Council
  2. His Excellency Eyassu Abraha, PhD – FDRE, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
  3. His Excellency Prof. Fekadu Beyene, PhD – FDRE, Minister of Livestock and Fishery Resources
  4. His Excellency Abreham Tekeste, PhD – FDRE, Minister of Finance and  Economic Cooperation
  5. His Excellency Sileshi Bekele, PhD – FDRE, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity
  6. His Excellency Bekele Bulado, PhD – FDRE, Minister of Trade
  7. His Excellency Ato Ahmed Abetew – FDRE, Minister of Industry
  8. His Excellency Ato Alemayehu Tegenu – Chief Executive of Cabinet Minister
  9. H.E Kassu Ilala, PhD – Agricultural Modernization Coordinator, with the Rank of Minister/Policy Plan & Study
  10. Head of Amhara Regional state Agriculture Bureau
  11. Ato Sileshi Getahun – Head of Oromia Regional state Agriculture Bureau
  12. Ato Tilahun Kebede – Head of SNNP Regional state Agriculture Bureau
  13. Ato Kiros Bitew – Head of Tigray Regional state Agriculture Bureau
  14. Fantahun Mengistu, PhD – Director General of  Ethiopian Institute for Agriculture Research
  15. Ato Khalid Bomba – Chief Executive Officer, Agricultural  Transformation Agency and Secretary for the Agricultural Transformation Council

Participation is also sought from other federal and regional government representatives, technical experts and other professionals as necessary.