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Achieving the Growth & Transformation Plan

Building on the impressive gains of the preceding decade, Ethiopia’s Five Year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) established ambitious targets for the agriculture sector for 2011-2015. The Plan’s objectives focus on enhancing productivity and production of smallholder farmers and pastoralists, strengthening market systems, improving participation and engagement of the private sector, expanding the amount of land under irrigation, and reducing the number of chronically food insecure households. By collaborating with a strategic array of related partners, the Agricultural Transformation Agency is committed to helping achieve the targets of the GTP through its three primary focus areas: value chains, systems, and special initiatives. Learn more about the GTP >

  • Value Chain Programs

    Value Chain Programs

    Those specific crops and livestock which comprise the largest share of smallholder production and consumption have been identified as high-priority Value Chains. Part of the core of the ATA’s work focuses on identifying and addressing key productivity constraints along each of these essential production systems. Learn more.

  • System Programs

    System Programs

    Systems are the building blocks of the agriculture sector that enable the Value Chains to achieve sustainable productivity for smallholder farmers and pastoralists. These Systems span several different agricultural areas, and optimizing their functions is a crucial part of helping Ethiopia achieve its development objectives. Learn more.

  • Crosscutting Initiatives


    Crosscutting Initiatives address key issues that intersect with and strengthen each of the Value Chains and Systems programs. They identify critical issues to ensure that all interventions minimize unintended consequences and are socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable… Learn more.

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